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Discussion in '3.0v2' started by Zaphodbx42, Mar 2, 2018.

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    Jul 23, 2017
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    I did just realize a potential issue, (for me at least) regarding sponges. But I think it may also be a non-issue if what I've read thus far comes to fruition.

    As many know, I build random tasteful housing around the server. Sometimes I sell them, other times I just give them away to new players to help get them on their feet.

    If what I've read, about sponges being limited to a 4 hr. delay type thing, then it wouldn't really be a problem for me to continue doing so in order to make the server more welcoming for new players. But, if there will be some sort of "premium" currency cost attached to them, then this may be a problem. I personally am not particularly interested in "mini-games" and the like. I just never had an interest in them. If I have to participate in them though just to be able to purchase sponges, I doubt I'd be too into helping provide housing for others when my efforts would be wholly directed into providing for myself. Hopefully, the former is the case and this won't be any sort of issue.

    Then only thing I'd see limiting me would be a "sponge cap."
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    Jul 29, 2017
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    This is super kind of you! :0 I love the idea of housing or cool structures dotting the landscape and hope that you are able to continue to build them. I agree that there should be a way for generous and creative people like you to use their talents to make the server a friendly and interesting place. =D