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    Jul 9, 2017
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    I would like to suggest some small changes to the voting system that could potentially benefit the server.

    The following changes include:
    - Implementation of a third voting link
    - Raising the number of coins earned per vote from 300c to 500c.
    - A new Token reward for when a player votes with all 3 links within 24h

    I would suggest an increase of coins per vote to 500 and also an implementation of a third voting link.. Upon voting with al 3 links within 24 hours a player would be awarded 1 token, this way it's limited to 1 token for all votes (1/3 token per vote).

    The reason I am suggesting this is to incentivize players to vote more and bring in new players that will also vote and bring in more players. At the moment I don't see 600c (2 x 300c) being enough to justify voting for most players, maybe just for the ones that are barely starting out.

    That being said, higher rewards for voting, more new players and hopefully more people voting will generate more money in the world and driving prices of items up a bit. I can assure you that the change would not cause any major changes to the servers economy and small deviations that would occur would be balanced out due to supply and demand factor.

    Now I understand some players might be worried or even repulsed that I would even think of suggesting an increase in the money flow to the server, but the reality is that the bread and butter of any server is a good voting system and plays a big role in the success of a server and the overall player base.

    I really hope you consider this and think about it hard, it may seem like a foolish and small change but I am certain it would have a great and positive impact on the server as a whole.