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    Hey... So I feel like I owe people an explanation about stuff like voting and ranks.

    I have had the ability to do votes but most of the staff and I were under the impression that the vote system was being redone to be automated so we didn't take action as quickly as we could.

    We can do better and I feel bad that your experience is being impacted by our inability to fix standing issues. Once again you have my apology.

    That being said, I'll be doing better rank ups this time around, they are as follows:
    • @TheNetherchicken - 110: Rank up, and contact me because you're way ahead of everyone else and I can't rank you up any more since you'll be lord after one. I'll give you something just ask. (Someone please contact them.)
    • @Clonegirl - 101: Two Ranks up (You'll be platinum) (Help me get in touch with them)
    • @GiantNuker - 95: Rank Up
    • @Fruity94 - 72: You're already lord so get in touch with me about what you want
    • @ksOrvil12 - 72: 3k coins
    • @iMcLovinnn - 68: 2k coins
    • @xxmcjgthebossxx - 66: 2k coins
    • @maaikepanda - 63: 2k coins
    • @Genocyber1987 - 59: 2k coins

      If you have a rank reward I've already taken care of it. If you have a reward that's coins or custom you must get in contact with me for whatever you won Thank you all for supporting us and hopefully this won't happen in the future
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.