Town Changes

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Do you agree with these changes?

  1. I agree with all the changes

  2. I agree with most of these changes

  3. I agree with only one or two of these changes

  4. I don't agree at all, towns should stay the way they are

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  1. Clonegirl


    Jul 29, 2017
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    I have literally no experience with towns. :p

    I'm not sure if this is even feasible but what if one were to create a town simply by building houses and then unlocking doors/chests/etc for those that signed up and paid for said houses. Example: Person purchases a 70 protection-sponge and builds the town's houses, streets, and possible shops/attractions. They become the landowner. People are invited to come to this town to check it out and can pay the person like 100 coins for a plot of land or house (all of which are pre-created by the landowner). At this they unlock the doors and such so the purchaser of that specific house can enter and exit as they wish. Personal decorations can be created and then given to the land owner to place in the house as need be. Another option is adding people to the region but disabling building and such to disallow griefing or thieving. Again, doors and chests would be locked by those owning the land---in this case only those who'd purchased the house could activate doors...?

    The downside of this is that there is no town chat, no "build and decorate your own home", and a bit of apprehension toward the landlord. After all, they hold the command over all the protection zone and can easily 'banish' someone for little to no reason. For that reason they could even deny a person entry into their town, creating a feeling of 'elitism'. I would like to think that this would not happen but "Muphy's Law".

    Positive attributes are not having to pay taxes, no extreme cost of starting a town (you just find some land and build as you need to),no cost of paying for a plot, no eyesore properties or mismatched houses, landowners could actively produce public spaces that add character and originality to towns because of having enough resources allocated for those things, towns could be as collected or spread out (imagine a large 'farmland' region where neighbors are still visible from one's house but there's enough land to farm and have a large house) as one wished.....

    And now I come to the conclusion that if any of this was possible why not just have a group of people finding each other and agreeing to live somewhat communally? Each with their own zones of protection but perhaps with a shared public space such as a market or farmland. Eh, I'm just rambling now. Hope it helped a bit. I like to find solutions.