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    And we're back! And only 4 days later than I said we'd be!
    We've had some great responses to the first post put up about the next cycle of the server, and this post is going to serve as an update to what's most likely going to be going on. I've tried to give credit where due, but there was a lot of discussion on different threads so if I miss something you pitched I apologize.

    Sponge Changes
    • So our proposed changes for sponges were really out there, and you guys for the most part were really cool about hearing us out and providing alternatives for what you'd like to see. Here are the options:
      • It was mentioned by almost everyone, starting with @WolvesOfTheSky I believe, that 8-10 hours was way too much to expect of people, and that 4 hours was much more reasonable, so that's what we're going with for the first option.

        You'll start with the ability to purchase a size 100 sponge (that's 201x201 folks), which you can divide up however you want, either with multiple small sponges or 1 big one, and you'll receive the ability to purchase an additional size 10 sponge (21x21) every 4 hours you play. These sponges accumulate, you can save them to buy a bigger one later if you so choose.
      • The second option is something that @Johnnywoof and I dreamed up during the first comment phase.
        Sponges will be largely unchanged, however each one that you buy after you've bought the equivalent area of a size 100 will raise the price required for you to buy one (it's 40 * size coins to start), and each one will also require a token (or two, or three depending on how many you buy).

        - You, probably

        I'm moderately glad you asked, so I'll suggest you check out the section on New Stuff & Tokens below!
    Shops 'n Stuff
    • One of the main points of controversy here was the idea to have a recommended minimum price for every item to prevent people from killing the price of rarer items like weapons, armor and diamonds. @Blinksi campaigned hard against it, and we've been convinced to use his idea, which is to add a tax of sorts for rarer items to prevent the price from dropping too low, which was our main concern.

      More information on the actual numbers for taxes in the future
    • In addition, we're still planning to implement the GSI and warp system, as well as the small tax on shop chests, which will be done once per month, so as not to inconvenience owners too much.
    Economy Changes
    • Our original thought was to limit grinders per minute, but @Blinksi pointed out would just result in people staying for longer and grinding for less, which I completely agree with, the idea is to not have to rely on grinders for all of the money.

      So, going forward, grinding will be based in a 2 hour block (as suggested by @Wither_Cadejo ) at 50 coins/minute. Totaled up, that comes out to ~3000 coins per hour, and depending on statistics that we'll keep track of, we might tweak it up should it be necessary.

      The point here is you can knock out the 6k in however much time you want, and then after the 2 hour block ends (the limit will be measured on the hour, every hour), you'll be able to grind more. You'll still get drops, you'll still get XP.

      As a complete non-sequitur, I'd like to address how unique our policy with spawners is: Many other servers don't allow moving of spawners, requiring players to find dungeons where multiple spawners are in a close proximity, and others don't give coins from mobs from spawners. I'm not trying to say that you're not allowed to disagree, it just gave me a lot of perspective when we were discussing what needed to be balanced, and it was pretty eye opening.
    New Stuffs
    • Dungeons will be scattered throughout mineworld and in the beginning of the server will contain things like coins, tokens, and custom enchanted tools, among other things that I've yet to add.

      As the server progresses, you'll be able to find tool shards, that can be combined to form legendary tools like the ones that were given out a few months ago. Each tool will be part of a set, and there will only be one of each, that is to say if you miss out on the one you want, you can't get it, and will have to put your shards towards another tool.
    • Tokens!! We'll be adding in a daily challenge of sorts, some collect or kill or find task, inspired by what @Lucrata does in mineworld (we'd love to have your input on ideas if you're into that), and the reward will be either coins or a token, which can be used towards your sponge cap, or other things that we'll be adding.
    If I forgot anything I'll have to edit the post, so I'll update you all when that happens.

    If you want to respond, same drill as before just create a new thread and use your name but add " update 1" to the end of the title. We'll be responding to everything we can!

    Thanks for your support!

    - Red
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