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Should staff be required to be online more often/hire more staff?

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  1. BunnyJesus


    Apr 24, 2018
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    I just started playing on the server again today, I have been on it for nearly 3 years. I hardly see any staff online nowadays and its always been slowly decreasing over the time i've been apart of the community. I don't know if it is my time zone (eastern standard), but i would love to see more staff online along with more players. I think having staff online will keep the new players keep coming back, because everyone needs a little help.

    I also am not sure why my account on this website got deleted, it would be nice to know the reason.
  2. Nimbus2224


    Jul 29, 2017
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    Welcome back! :D I'd noticed this as well and another player reminded me that Staff are somehow invisible from the player listing via tab key. To see if any staff are on try /list ingame to see the full player listing. You may have already known this.....

    I can also agree that there seems to be few players on when I'm on. If I'm playing it's either in the early morning or later in the evening, or just randomly if I have time energy. Perhaps it's the difference between people being in school, university, or out going to work like me. Also, if you want to catch more players Saturdays seem to be the day everyone is on the most (probably because the mineworld is resetting and shop keepers are scrambling for elytras, etc.). If you want to catch hordes of players, Saturday is a good time. :) I agree that new players from time zones all across the world should be able to get help, at least within a day of a /modreq or something. Though I do admit I rarely require staff's assistance in my comings and goings, though I imagine much more involved and social players might.

    A good way to see what days or times players are on is to check the stats tab on the first voting page. To get there from this site: Click 'Vote'>click on the blue vote button beneath the MCS logo labeled "minecraft servers">>at "Minecraft" click the blue button called "return to server page" (beneath the green "vote" button)>>now click on the "stats" tab over the Johnnywoof logo/banner>>then just make sure the graph is set to "players" and it should show you a week's worth of data on server traffic. :)

    As to your final query, I believe that the old server website was completely deleted when they created this, newer one. I think it was a completely different address and that they had to close the whole thing---that nothing carried over to this current site. I only say this because I distinctly remember there literally only being staff members and a handful of informed players displayed as members to this site.

    Hope this helped answer your questions! :D Cheers!
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