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Should the role Chatmod be implemented into JohnnyWoof?

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  1. BunnyJesus


    Apr 24, 2018
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    Hi! I'm here to apply for Chatmod! I have always loved minecraft and have owned it for years, I love helping people and I am educated in mostly all mods on this specific this server,. I have almost unlimited free time and am hoping for the opportunity to dedicated the majority of it to Johnnywoof!

    Minecraft username
    BunnyJesus (previous username:miloron)

    JohnnyWoof Discord

    SpookyCats with profile picture as Lena Dupree from ScoobyDoo in cat transformation.

    Age (with proof if possible)
    18 years old. Will provide the necessary proof if needed.​

    Why you would like to become a Chatmod
    I want to help Johnnywoof out. I am a fan of the server and play primarily on townies but my friends and I have had trouble in the past with things like unprecedented harsh and abusive language aimed at my friends or other players with malicious intent, as well as generally rude players who will disturbed chat or others who are always asking for help with commands. And while free speech is allowed, being rude is not and I believe that online activities should share the same type of social etiquette as expected from any human being. I also realize that younger children play on Johnnywoof and are exposed to things that they should not necessarily be exposed to in a child friendly game. There are players who target specifically these younger players for their harassment and I feel very impassioned about helping put and end to that. I see myself as very reasonable and self-regulated and have been in Moderator and Admin positions on multiple preexisting servers. I've also volunteered in real life at animal shelters and my local food bank, and am very sympathetic and responsible in that way. Lastly, I understand policy and for no reason would I ever think of going out of my way to punish out of spite or because I dislike a player. I think I would make a fair chatmod and would substantially contribute to making Johnnywoof a better place for new and old players.

    Any other information you'd like to include here
    I live in Eastern Standard Time and I am available to be online everyday for at least a few hours between the times of 7am to 12am. I have been active on the server for many years. I know this current position does not exist at the moment, but I thought it would be better to suggest chat mod and submit an application at the same time. If this is not appropriate for the forums, please feel free to delete, but I believe this would fix the problem of getting new players to stay into the server that are confused on the rules or commands and the amount of time the staff is on.

    Current staff referrals
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  2. Nimbus2224


    Jul 29, 2017
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    Oh! :eek: I agree that this actually could be a useful mod (especially when players are randomly muted for putting a period in their sentence or something) but I think that this might actually be a service mods and helpers already have. I'm not really sure though. Try getting in touch with Redstoner, Selltiks, or Panda, they probably know better than me if there's a need for a Chatmod to compensate for chat-plug-in bugs or whatnot. Other than that, I think you're very kind to offer your help in such an open and formal way. Wow! :0 I wish I could direct you to an staff-application on this site but I haven't found any (I have an inkling that staff approach people when they're 'hiring'). Best of luck! :)
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