RPG instead of/with Enchants????

Discussion in '3.0v2' started by Zaphodbx42, Sep 6, 2018.

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    Jul 23, 2017
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    Just a thought, and it most likely is too late to be implemented in the upcoming update if it were even thought well enough of....

    But instead of enchantments, or better yet, working alongside enchantments, how about a mild RPG system for SOME OF the existing enchantments.

    Nothing spectacular mind you for example, having skills such as masonry or woodworking would act similarly to looting/gathering enchants. When refining a single log you get 4 wood planks normally. With Woodworking, you might get 5 or 6 planks occasionally. Or Masonry/Stoneworking might grant you an extra gem like Fortune does. Used together with a fortune pick, it would act as the next higher tier.

    The list of possibilities is endless...

    Anyways... that's my two cents...
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    Jul 29, 2017
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    I like this idea a lot, Zaphodbx! I think it will help encourage people who do a lot of gathering--- be that crops, minerals, or mob drops--- to stay engaged. Another example could be enchanting (and I apologize, I've ripped this straight from Skyrim :p) : The more you enchant maybe you get two or more enchanted books from the table. Or maybe one will eventually only need a single piece of lapis to acquire all three tiers of enchantments on an item. This could be useful to someone working towards building their shop supply too. Thank you, I think your two cents are a good two cents! XD