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    Sep 10, 2017
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    I am not really thinking an enchantment per-se where you forge a book into a tool, but I guess you could do it that way...

    But I am thinking of it just being added to just the wooden and stone shovels, and that is to have a Vein Miner that deals with Gravel, Sand and dirt, especially Gravel (nasty stuff).

    I have been messing around with Forge's Vein Miner Mod on my SP game, where my Stone Shovels and Wooden shovels can vein mine gravel. Having it set to about 16 blocks seems to be ideal, in that it quickens the pace of such material, without it feeling like Hoover just created a new vacuum cleaner called the F-5 Tornado. The wooden shovel last about 4 to 5 uses, and the stone seems to last 8 to 10 uses. So to do alot of removal of gravel, sand, or dirt would require having lots of appropriate shovels. But by being able to remove that material in chunks of 10-20 blocks at a time would speed up the removal of that material so one can start their big build.

    I really dislike gravel, and such a tool would be most welcome to me...
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    Jul 12, 2017
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    I like this idea @Wailwulf. It would be nice to see it added for at the very least gravel.
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