Armor, bows and more

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    Nocturnal: Iron-Diamond Helmet, LVL 30, 1/10 Chance: Provides night vision for the wearer
    Air Strider: Diamond Leggings, LVL 30, 1/20 Chance: The wearer gets to jump once while in air (second jump doesn't get any bonuses to it's height), at the cost of durability
    Lightweight: Diamond Leggings, LVL 30, 1/6 Chance: Provides Jump Boost 1
    Pure blood: Diamond Chest plate, LVL 30, 1/6 Chance: Removes poison and wither at the cost of durability
    Rusted: Diamond Armor, or Shield LVL 30, 1/15 Chance: Basically Thorns, but it deals wither to the target instead of direct damage
    Confetti Cannon: Bow, LVL 15+, 1/30 Chance: Arrows will cause a firework burst on hit. They don't do anything but look pretty
    Puncture: Bow, LVL 30, 1/20 Chance: Arrows will travel through targets until the hit a block

    I don't feel I have to write down all the stats for them, but some ideas for enchants for more items:
    Bow: Wisdom, Radiant (so you don't have to use the arrows), blastspolde, shockwave, lifeleach (probably a weaker form for that one)
    Pickaxe: Wisdom
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    I like a lot of these ideas. However the night vision basically gives lord fonators one less perk. The sword enchants on a bow seem overkill. Imagine shotgun with blastipode.
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    Though it would be kinda cool to have a bow with shotgun that fires TNT that explode on contact. Could mow down forests and Mountains. But with something like that, there would be no challenge, and not much of a world left.
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    I also like a lot of these ideas. I even like the names--rusted, air strider, lightweight, pureblood--they remind me of Fallout or DAI item names. XD I think that the jump boost enchants would be especially helpful to non-donator players, and just really fun in general. I like the radiant bow enchantment, though I think it might take away from the spectral arrow builders. I think the bow should have a unique enchantment that would really be more of a bow-related aspect than ones already in use from swords. Like an enchantment that teleports the player to wherever the arrow strikes (like a grappling hook) or a one-hit bow. Things that benefit the ranged style of that kind of weapon. The confetti cannon is great! I definitely approve of sillier/just-for-fun enchantments like that. They add a lot of personality. =) Keep up the great ideas!! =D