3.0v2 (6.0) and Beyond

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    Hi! It’s been a while hasn’t it? We here on the Dev and Staff team have had life stuff, not worth going into but the point is we’re back! The contents of this forum post are going to be pretty blunt, and the ideas we’re throwing out are rough and need refining, so bear with us on this.

    The next update needs to be something new. We’ve been doing the same old stuff for almost 3 years now, and we’re starting to get a bit bored of the same old survival routine, don’t know about you. The staff team has been thinking up all kinds of changes that we think will take the server in the right direction and it’s your turn to join the discussion.

    Also, it’s called 3.0v2 because I rewrote survival for 3.0 and we’re going to rewrite a lot of stuff for this update...don’t think about it too hard...

    Here’s how it’s gonna roll:

    This forum post is essentially a chance for you guys to take our ideas and just tear them up and tell us how terrible they are, if that’s what you’re into.

    If you have a response to one of the ideas we propose, go to the 3.0v2 sub forum here and create a thread titled “NAME”, replacing NAME with your IGN. Take your time tearing the idea apart, but provide alternatives. Telling us “I don’t like it” isn’t going to accomplish anything, we’re trying to revamp the server just like in 3.0 and changes need to be made. From there, people can comment on your thread and suggest changes to your ideas. This way we can get a lot of responses to changes. If you have comments to someone's changes then go ahead and make them on the respective threads.

    If no one responds, or not enough people respond, at some point we’ll just decide that you guys are cool with what’s going on and move along with the things we lay out below. Just something to keep in mind, we really want your feedback.

    Sponge Changes

    • I fully expect a lot of people to dislike this one, but it’s part of checks and balances that should have been in place for a while now.

    • Too frequently we have people that just go around and put down 100 sponges at places and then leave it for months without even touching the area (this happens a ton, it’s a pain for people that actually want to use the area), or just overclaim the amount they need for no reason.

    • For those reasons (among others), starting in the new version there will be a limit placed on how many sponges you can buy. When you join for the first time, you’ll be able to buy up to a size 150 sponge (Sponge size limiters will be removed). From there you’ll have the ability to buy another 10 sponge for every 8-10 hours you spend online. You can buy those sponges immediately or build them up to buy something bigger like a size 50 sponge. Alternatively you’ll be able to purchase additional area through the use of tokens, which we’ve committed to making easier to get finally.

    • I feel like it’s bound to brought up since people will undoubtedly be upset about the changes so I’ll just address it right now: Since the beginning we’ve had a strong belief that there shouldn’t be artificial difficulty in the server -- any changes made should be deliberate and address a real issue. The numbers we’ve detailed above were discussed and debated for literal hours and this decision doesn’t come lightly. We didn’t just make up some numbers and go “let’s screw them over with pointless limits we just made up off the top of our heads”.

    • In addition, due to the decreasing interest in towns and the diminishing usage of them as actual towns (no taxes because if you have taxes no one will join, treating them just as a building area, etc) we’ve come to the decision that towns should be removed altogether. However, replacing this rather large part of the server will be a system to subdivide a region into multiple plots in the same manner. We’d like to replace it with some sort of other thing, so if you have suggestions let us know!

    • I realize this will most likely be a pretty hot topic so please get on that discussion thread and let us hear about it

    Economy Changes
    • The economy for the server is going global. The Minigame server is finally to the point where it can really become part of the experience and you should be able to profit from that.
      • Coins, banks & balances will be shared across all servers, so if you make money on one server, you can use it on another.
    • With more opportunities for coins, we have to scale back some of the old ways of making money, which isn’t to say that you can’t still make money on survival, but we encourage you to get out and try our other servers.
      • It seems like a lot of money gathering on the server is just focused on standing in front of huge mob grinder for hours, so coin collection from mob grinders will be capped to something along the lines of 45 coins per minute (we tested, on average it’s currently ~65 per minute with the exception of the huge blaze grinder which is ~150/min). Anything more and you’ll still get the drops but no additional coins.

      • Minigame plays will give anywhere from 50-200 coins per play depending on your rating, and how long the game takes, with a bonus if you win. Creative will have more build competitions with rewards of ~1k-5k per for the winners.

      • Mobs like the King Slime and Herobrine will still be in the game and will still be worth the same amount of coins, so no change there.
    • Chest shops are always wildly successful, but since shops generally try to undercut each other to a lot, the price of everything always drops, ruining the economy and allowing everyone to buy everything super cheaply, causing people to complete all their tasks in mere months and lose interest.
      • Proposed: Chest shops will incur a monthly fee depending on the number of chests in the shop. For example, ShopStore has ~200 chests, and since it’s a large store would be charged more (~10 coins / shop sign). A small shop of 30 signs would be charged much less (~2 coins / shop sign). This fee would be taken monthly, and doesn’t dramatically impact anyone, since the fees are quite small. Late payments would have until the end of the next month to be paid, and could be done automatically, instead of waiting for staff. We’re still on the fence about this one so let us know what you think.

      • Since shops undercut each other, as stated above there will be minimum prices set for items at the beginning of the map. Players will be allowed to go under that set price by ~10(?) at max, to prevent economy collapse. These prices can change as the map goes on, feedback is helpful for this one, though it will most likely be implemented to some degree

      • Experimental: Shop portals will cost 5k for all players, regardless of donator rank. However, for 7k your shop can be added to the new Global Shop Index, a warp-like menu system where players can teleport directly to your shop for a small fee per week (~50 coins). This Index (GSI) will be monitored automatically, since there’s nothing manual such as shop portals involved. Inspection rules will still apply, but you can get back up and running more quickly with GSI since it’s automated. The GSI will randomly select shops to be at the top of its menu in a ‘featured’ section every week. Below that, shops will be sorted from most to least unique items for clarity.

        GSI will also act as a delivery service for lazy people. While left clicking will teleport you to the entrance of the shop, right clicking will open a menu of the items inside the shop and you’ll be able to pick up to 5 stacks of items to be delivered to you for a fee (~10 coins per stack), and it’ll appear right in your inventory.
    • We always struggled to find ways to make tokens actually useful, and give out enough to keep people interested in them. Minigames and Creative Build comps will give out tokens automatically now for wins (or rating increases, not final), and we’ve come up with some ideas for their use.
      • Colored display names for all players in chat (not just donators)
      • RANKUP (Though the number of tokens between ranks will increase dramatically)
      • A e s t h e t i c items for minigames
      • Extra space/reduced claim cost for protections (?)
      • Donator ranks, if you amass enough of them.
      • More to come, we’d love to hear your ideas
    This has been a super wordy post, but if you've stuck with us this long, you're the real hero in all of this :p
    Please take us at our word when we say that we truly want the best for the server and everyone that plays on it. Let us know what you think and I promise you that we'll do our best to address all of your concerns.

    Red, Johnny & The Staff Team
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    As is usually the case with me, there's just one more thing.

    Over the past couple weeks I've been putting several unique items in lotto, with each having its own unique properties that aren't able to be obtained normally. People seemed to be pretty into it so we're exploring the idea of questing and having dungeons that will lead to these items.
    The content of these quests will be either puzzles or fighting challenges randomly generated throughout the world, and the reward for completing one will be a shard that can be combined with others to make a unique tool. Because most of the unique tools are a bit overpowered they won't be available right at the start, which gives us time to build up a collection of modules for randomly generated challenges.

    If you'd like to help build modules on our new creative server, you can get the [Builder] Rank, which will get you coins for each build you contribute, as well as a discord channel :)
    Builds will be reviewed by staff team and ranks will be given at discretion.

    Again, if you have any questions, comments, lamentations or propositions, let me know in the other subforum :)
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