1.13 Idea for coral.

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    Jul 22, 2017
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    Now, since it's soon to be 1.13 there's a variety of new blocks. One of these blocks is coral. A very vibrant, natural, and eye-catching block. But there's an issue. As in, if you place any coral block, (the fans or the block) above water it turns into a nasty gray disgusting dead coral block. This is unfortunate, because what if I want to make a coral reef but I don't want to have to swim around? I propose that Y'all simply make coral blocks able to be placed above water. I don't know if this is difficult or not but it would make a lot of builds more colorful and a lot of builders happier. Thanks.
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    Unfortunately we'll have to wait for Spigot to update to 1.13 before I can answer this, purely just to see what can be done on our side. I'm sure I could stop the block updates but that could cause some other issues server side. Can't give you a definite answer, just we'll have to wait. :(
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