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Well Hello!

It's been a bit of a ride, and for everyone that's stuck around, thank you :)
Johnny, Rocker and myself have been working on quite a few things to make the server cool, and I hope everyone gets a chance to try them out.

My laundry list of things to talk about:

  1. Website
    The current forums are decidedly not awesome (at least in my opinion). Pages are slow to load, lots of functionality from the old website haven't been translated over, and it's just not a good source of information.

    Johnny and I have been putting together a new (custom (duh)) version of the forum software that we use to be harder, better, faster AND stronger. We're merging it with the website so you guys can have all the fun stuffs, and it should be rolling out in a month or so. yay.
  2. Enchants
    This might be a bit of a controversial one. After lengthy (and I mean lengthy, we don't mess around all the time) conversation, we as a staff have decided that for 5.0, Mending will not be allowed on tools that use custom enchants because of the already slightly overpowered nature of those tools. Mending anywhere else is obviously still fair game.
    In addition, /gec can no longer be used with mending. It's well known that people have been putting mending on a tool, repairing it and then removing the mending to use it on something else, and if you ask me that sounds pretty cheap. Sorry about the inconvenience but I think it'll be better overall for the server

    • You asked, I delivered. All custom enchants are now stackable. That means you can have your VeinMiner, Conflagration, Suction pickaxe or your Lumberjack, Conflagration axe to go mining with at last! It's been tested but there may still be a few hiccups, so please be patient
  3. Servers
    • For those of you who've tried out minigames, I hope you've enjoyed them at least a little. I feel like it's always hard to gauge...
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