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It’s been a while, hasn’t it? As you might already know, the server is currently offline. Right now, I’m working on setting up a temporary server which will continue hosting Johnnywoof. I plan to have it up and ready by the end of this week.
Many of you are concerned about the future of Johnnywoof Servers. I know that I’ve been away for practically an eternity, but that doesn’t mean we’re done. Starting now, Johnnywoof Servers will no longer receive any updates/support. In its place, there will be a new, completely revamped survival server. There will be a ton of new mechanics, features, and changes! Most of them are being planned out right now, which I am involved in. Since this is an ambitious project, a lot of time will be required to make everything work.
I just want to let everyone know that we're still here and to keep in touch for what’s coming next. More information will be coming soon!
Hey everyone, I understand that this might be a little overdue but I would like to announce that we are currently holding our annual purge!

During this purge; all chests are unlocked, protections are disabled, pvp is enabled, destruction is encouraged. The only real rule is to not crash the server, and keep some common decency. This will be ongoing until Monday, where we will place the server into maintenance mode around 5:30pm EST and we will begin the process of updating the server to 1.14.4

Throughout the purge we are using 1.13.2, this is because we have changed the backend of warps for 1.14.4 so we had to stick with the current version for the purge. I'd like to thank you all for your continued support of our server, and the patience that you have with our staff team.

Happy Purge!
We've updated to 1.13.2! Hopefully this should help out with some of the lag issues ! I look forward to seeing everyone on there!
Anyways, now that I have your attention. Now as some of you may have noticed, the server had some downtime the other day.. our bad. We'd made an announcement on the Discord server that we're back up but it occurred to me that some of you may not have known that it was back online, hell, some of you might not even know that we've updated to 1.13.1! So now that we've got those out of the way, may I recommend joining our Discord server, it's the best way to get the most up to date information on and about the server. You can join using this link, hope to see you there! :D
Hi it's been a hot second.

If you're reading this it means you've actually bothered to check the forums, so give yourself a pat on the back, if you're into that.
This is just a sort of informal "here's what's going on" because I haven't posted anything in a while.

Myself, @Johnnywoof, and @Rockerjman222 have been working our butts off the past few weeks redoing all of the code that's become ugly and a bit crusty since the last recode (3.0). Since then we've developed a lot of new techniques for organizing our plugins to hopefully make your experience a bit more fluid. If you don't know what changes are going down I'd recommend refreshing yourself with the other posts in this category; a full changelog will be available closer to the actual release when we've finished implementing stuffs.

If you feel like prepping I'd think about starting now. No I don't give dates. WHY?

Because: I don't plan that far ahead. Time management isn't one of my skills sorrynotsorry

If you have questions, tag me in Discord
Hey... So I feel like I owe people an explanation about stuff like voting and ranks.

I have had the ability to do votes but most of the staff and I were under the impression that the vote system was being redone to be automated so we didn't take action as quickly as we could.

We can do better and I feel bad that your experience is being impacted by our inability to fix standing issues. Once again you have my apology.

That being said, I'll be doing better rank ups this time around, they are as follows:
  • @TheNetherchicken - 110: Rank up, and contact me because you're way ahead of everyone else and I can't rank you up any more since you'll be lord after one. I'll give you something just ask. (Someone please contact them.)
  • @Clonegirl - 101: Two Ranks up (You'll be platinum) (Help me get in touch with them)
  • @GiantNuker - 95: Rank Up
  • @Fruity94 - 72: You're already lord so get in touch with me about what you want
  • @ksOrvil12 - 72: 3k coins
  • @iMcLovinnn - 68: 2k coins
  • @xxmcjgthebossxx - 66: 2k coins
  • @maaikepanda - 63: 2k coins
  • @Genocyber1987 - 59: 2k coins

    If you have a rank reward I've already taken care of it. If you have a reward that's coins or custom you must get in contact with me for whatever you won Thank you all for supporting us and hopefully this won't happen in the future
And we're back! And only 4 days later than I said we'd be!
We've had some great responses to the first post put up about the next cycle of the server, and this post is going to serve as an update to what's most likely going to be going on. I've tried to give credit where due, but there was a lot of discussion on different threads so if I miss something you pitched I apologize.

Sponge Changes
  • So our proposed changes for sponges were really out there, and you guys for the most part were really cool about hearing us out and providing alternatives for what you'd like to see. Here are the options:
    • It was mentioned by almost everyone, starting with @WolvesOfTheSky I believe, that 8-10 hours was way too much to expect of people, and that 4 hours was much more reasonable, so that's what we're going with for the first option.

      You'll start with the ability to purchase a size 100 sponge (that's 201x201 folks), which you can divide up however you want, either with multiple small sponges or 1 big one, and you'll receive the ability to purchase an additional size 10 sponge (21x21) every 4 hours you play. These sponges accumulate, you can save them to buy a bigger one later if you so choose.
    • The second option is something that @Johnnywoof and I dreamed up during the first comment phase.
      Sponges will be largely unchanged, however each one that you buy after you've bought the equivalent area of a size 100 will raise the price required for you to buy one (it's 40 * size coins to start), and each one will also require a token (or two, or three depending on how many you buy).

      - You, probably

      I'm moderately glad you asked, so I'll suggest you check out the section on New Stuff & Tokens...
Hi! It’s been a while hasn’t it? We here on the Dev and Staff team have had life stuff, not worth going into but the point is we’re back! The contents of this forum post are going to be pretty blunt, and the ideas we’re throwing out are rough and need refining, so bear with us on this.

The next update needs to be something new. We’ve been doing the same old stuff for almost 3 years now, and we’re starting to get a bit bored of the same old survival routine, don’t know about you. The staff team has been thinking up all kinds of changes that we think will take the server in the right direction and it’s your turn to join the discussion.

Also, it’s called 3.0v2 because I rewrote survival for 3.0 and we’re going to rewrite a lot of stuff for this update...don’t think about it too hard...

Here’s how it’s gonna roll:

This forum post is essentially a chance for you guys to take our ideas and just tear them up and tell us how terrible they are, if that’s what you’re into.

If you have a response to one of the ideas we propose, go to the 3.0v2 sub forum here and create a thread titled “NAME”, replacing NAME with your IGN. Take your time tearing the idea apart, but provide alternatives. Telling us “I don’t like it” isn’t going to accomplish anything, we’re trying to revamp the server just like in 3.0 and changes need to be made. From there, people can comment on your thread and suggest changes to your ideas. This way we can get a lot of responses to changes. If you have comments to someone's changes then go ahead and make them on the respective threads.

If no one responds, or not enough people respond, at some point we’ll just decide that you guys are cool with what’s going on and move along with the things we lay out below. Just something to keep in mind, we...
  1. JaJa_jrXP - Free rank upgrade from vip to platinum donator and 1,000 coins
  2. Arryyy - Free rank upgrade from epic to lord donator
  3. TheNetherchicken - 5,000 coins
  4. issenizze - 3,000 coins
  5. Neofizz - 1,000 coins
Congratulations! Voting for next month starts now, as the leader board been reset. Good luck!
The contest for the monthly vote winners will end today (August 2nd 2017) at 10:00 PM Eastern Time. The players listed on the leader board in the vote page will be used to determine the top 5 winners.
Here are the rewards for this month:
  1. Free donator rank upgrade (if currently not a donator then you will receive pro donator) and 1,000 coins
  2. Free donator rank upgrade
  3. 5,000 coins
  4. 3,000 coins
  5. 1,000 coins
If there is a tie between players, then a random algorithm will separate the tie. For example, if there are two players tied at fourth place, one player will be fourth while the other will be fifth.
Well Hello!

It's been a bit of a ride, and for everyone that's stuck around, thank you :)
Johnny, Rocker and myself have been working on quite a few things to make the server cool, and I hope everyone gets a chance to try them out.

My laundry list of things to talk about:

  1. Website
    The current forums are decidedly not awesome (at least in my opinion). Pages are slow to load, lots of functionality from the old website haven't been translated over, and it's just not a good source of information.

    Johnny and I have been putting together a new (custom (duh)) version of the forum software that we use to be harder, better, faster AND stronger. We're merging it with the website so you guys can have all the fun stuffs, and it should be rolling out in a month or so. yay.
  2. Enchants
    This might be a bit of a controversial one. After lengthy (and I mean lengthy, we don't mess around all the time) conversation, we as a staff have decided that for 5.0, Mending will not be allowed on tools that use custom enchants because of the already slightly overpowered nature of those tools. Mending anywhere else is obviously still fair game.
    In addition, /gec can no longer be used with mending. It's well known that people have been putting mending on a tool, repairing it and then removing the mending to use it on something else, and if you ask me that sounds pretty cheap. Sorry about the inconvenience but I think it'll be better overall for the server

    • You asked, I delivered. All custom enchants are now stackable. That means you can have your VeinMiner, Conflagration, Suction pickaxe or your Lumberjack, Conflagration axe to go mining with at last! It's been tested but there may still be a few hiccups, so please be patient
  3. Servers
    • For those of you who've tried out minigames, I hope you've enjoyed them at least a little. I feel like it's always hard to gauge...