Survival Server


Note: Only commands everyone can use are listed here


Valid Shop Sign

First Line: Your name (You can also leave this blank, it will be filled in)

Second Line: Amount to buy/sell (1-64)

Third Line: Price (Buy Only = B (price)) (Sell Only = S (price)) (Buy and Sell = B (price) : S (price))

Fourth Line: Item you're selling. Find the "Shop Friendly" name by holding the item and doing /iteminfo!

Shop Portals

We have very specific requirements for owning a shop portal.

Before buying a shop portal the following conditions must be met:

When done, you may do /buyportal.

Cost: 3k (Donator), 6k (Non-Donator)

Staff who make portals:


Town Cost: 5k

Town Portals:


Town Rules:

All towns must follow these basic rules:
These rules will be enforced as necessary.


Name Description Minimum Level Chance Used on
Blastiplode Creates mini explosions on attacking. 30 1/8 Swords
Conflagration Gives the ingot of iron ore and gold ore. 10 1/5 Pickaxes
Corruption Gives the wither effect to hostile mobs on attack. 25 1/7 Swords and bows
LifeLeech Has a chance of healing you upon attacks. 30 1/6 Swords
Load Fires at 2x the speed 15 1/6 Bows
NoFall Invincible to all fall damage. 30 1/6 Boots
One-Hit Instantly kills any attacked mob. 30 1/100 Swords
ShockWave Twice the damage to creepers and endermen. 25 1/6 Swords
ShotGun Fires a 3x3 wall of arrows 30 1/7 Bows
SpawnerPickup Makes it possible to pick up spawners.Cannot Be Repaired! 30 1/60 Pickaxes
Vorpol Upon attacking, there is a rare chance for that mob to drop it's head. 30 1/60 Swords
Wisdom Twice the experience on killing mobs. 30 1/6 Swords
LessKnockback Take less knockback from any type of attack. 20 1/8 Chestplates

Custom Mobs

Type Description Location Chance Drops
Giant 100 Health, Speed II, 10 Hearts Damage Plains Biome 1/270 Music Disk (Random)
Herobrine 100 Health, Speed II, Respiration II, Fire Resistance II, 5 Hearts Damage Nether 1/270 Rotten Flesh (Average), Herobrine Head (Rare)
King Slime 100 Health, Size 20 (huge!!!) Swamp N/A Slime Blocks, Slime Balls, Diamond (rare)

Coin rewards

Mob Type Amount of coins earned when killed
Bat 2
Blaze 1
Cave Spider 1
Chicken 1
Cow 1
Creeper 3
Elder Guardian 1
Ender Dragon 1,000
Enderman 0
Endermite 1
Ghast 5
Giant 100
Guardian 1
Horse (includes Donkey and Mule) 1
Iron Golem 1
Magma Cube 1
Mushroom Cow 3
Ocelot 0
Pig 1
Rabbit 1
Sheep 1
Silverfish 1
Skeleton 1
Slime 1
Snow Golem 1
Spider 1
Squid 2
Villager 1
Witch 1
Wither 1,000
Wither Skeleton 1
Wolf 2
Zombie 1
Zombie Pigman 1

Custom Items

Leather From Rotten Flesh:

Magic Cake!

Apple Pie (Fills all hunger)

Miner's Stew (Gives Haste and Night Vision)

More coming in the future!

Last updated: March 16th, 2015