Rules and Requirements:

The problem with lots of multiplayer modded servers is the fact that they limit a lot of the items and features available to users.
While that's understandable, I find it kind of annoying that so much of the game is being kept from you. As such, this server will attempt to be more open in what users can/cannot do, but in other cases, will be more strict, so as to allow everyone to have a good time.

You are responsible for your own account. If your friend, family, etc logs in and is caught breaking rules, it is your problem.

Breaking these rules can result in warning or a ban without warning.
We create these rules to have a fun, respectful server, and if you think you can't follow them, then this isn't the place for you. Currently there is no appeal system, and we don't know if there will be one in the future.

General Rules:

Mystcraft Ages:

Those of you who have played with mystcraft know that it's a super cool mod where you can design and customize virtually every aspect of your own personal world. The problem here is that Those worlds take up space on the server, and I don't want to/can't have all those files sitting around doing nothing.

The point here is that those ages take up space. And with a lot of them, a lot of space ends up being taken up, which is bad, needless to say. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Bannable Offences:

These things will get you banned immediately, no questions asked

Warning Offences:

You will receive a warning, if it occurs regularly it can turn into a Bannable Offense

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