Mod List:

(psst. My favorite is Blood Magic...)

Mod Name Mod Description Mod Author
AgriCraft Adds a different way to grow and mutate crops into minecraft. InfinityRaider
AOBD (Another One Bites the Dust) Finds every ore added by every mod and adds a dust for that given ore to process the ore in many machines. Ganymedes01
Applied Energistics 2 Implements a technological way to store items and blocks.
  • ExtraCells - Adds storage cells for liquids and larger item storage cells - Leonelf
BiblioCraft A storage and organizational mod that implements items such as useful bookcases and furniture.
  • BiblioWoods[BiomesOPlenty] - Implements variations of Bibliocraft items with BiomesOPlenty woods - Nuchaz
  • BiblioWoods[Forestry] - Implements variations of Bibliocraft items with Forestry woods - Nuchaz
  • BiblioWoods[Natura] - Implements variations of Bibliocraft items with Natura woods - Nuchaz
Big Reactors Implements safe and large nuclear reactors for generating power. Erogenous Beef
BiomesOPlenty Adds a near infinite amount of more biomes to minecraft. Glitchfiend
Blood Magic A magic mod that's main focus is life force. Yours. WayOfTime
Botania Adds mystical flowers that generate and utilize mana. Vazkii
BuildCraft Adds machines and tools into minecraft.
  • Logistics Pipes - An extensive overhaul of the BuildCraft pipe system - RS485
The BuildCraft Team
Carpenter's Blocks Adds building blocks of many versatile shapes that can be covered by most solid blocks. (Including modded). MineShopper
Chisel Adds multiple stylish texture variations for each block in the game. (Including modded). Automatic_Maiden
ComputerCraft Adds programmable lua computers into the game to execute various tasks.
  • OpenPeripheral - Allows a large array of blocks to be used by the peripheral.wrap() function - OpenMods Team
DecoCraft A decoration mod that adds a large amount of complicated modeled blocks. RazzleberryFox, ProfMobius
DenseOres A mod that adds variations for vanilla ores that contain larger amounts of ore. RWTema
Draconic Evolution Introduces high powered and efficient tools, weapons, armour, among others. Brandon3055
EnderIO Adds compact transportation for power, items, liquids, and ME Network data. CrazyPants
EnderStorage Adds multiple ways for storing items and liquids in separate ender chests. ChickenBones
EnderZoo Adds entities that have gifts. Mostly peaceful entities until provoked to have their items stolen. CrazyPants
ExtraUtils Adds many random purpose utility that are much more useful than you would think. RWTema
FastCraft Adds optimizations to minecraft's source code, allowing for a boost in FPS. Player
FastLeafDecay The name says it all. Allows leaves to decay much faster than vanilla. Olafski
Forestry A farming based mod that implements bees and botanical breeding.
  • Binnie's Mods - Expands upon Forestry's bees, trees, botany, and genetics - Binnie
  • Gendustry - Expands upon the breeding of bees - Bdew
  • Magic Bees - Adds a selection of bees related to magic - MysteriousAges
ForgeMultipart Adds smaller variations and parts of just about every block. (Including modded). The Forge Team
Funky Locomotion A mod based around moving blocks dynamically. RWTema
Hats A cosmetic mod that allows the player to wear a hat on their head that others can see.
  • Hat Stand - Adds a single block that hats can be placed upon - IChun
Headcrumbs Adds a variety of heads from multiple mods and also vanilla. Ganymedes01
Immersive Engineering Adds structures for a more realistic power generation environment.
  • Immersive Integration - Adds blocks that fit in with the IE environment - UnwrittenFun
BluSunrize, Mr_Hazard
IndustrialCraft 2 IC2 introduces numerous features across a variety of areas in Minecraft, including resource processing, mining, agriculture and the player's armory itself. It includes an array of generators and blocks to provide and store this energy and a much larger stable of machinery and tools to use this energy in their own ways.
  • Advanced Solar Panels - Adds multiple stronger solar panels with support for multiplayer - Sentimel
  • GraviSuite - Adds high end upgrades for IC2 items - Sentimel
  • Nuclear Control - Adds blocks that allow for the monitoring of the dangerous reactors - Dmf444
The IC2 Team
Inventory Tweaks Implements sorting systems for chests and your inventory at just the click of a button. Jimeo Wan
IronChests Adds larger chests made from multiple materials. Cpw
Jabba Adds upgradable barrels to store items. ProfMobius
Journey Map Adds a minimap to view the world. Techbrew
MineFactory Reloaded Adds numerous machines into the game. PowerCrystals, Skyboy026
Morpheus Allows players on a server to skip night if 50% or more of the players are sleeping. Quetzi
Mystcraft Adds functionality for customizable worlds that can be dynamically generated. XCompWiz
Natura A world generation mod that adds new biomes, trees, and plants. MDiyo
Nether Ores Adds multiple ores in the nether. Team CoFH, Skyboy026
NotEnoughItems An item handler mod that allows for the searching of items and the viewing of recipes.
  • NEI Addons - Gives more supprt for crafting in various mods - Bdew
  • NEI Integration - Gives even more support for crafting in various mods - Tonius111
  • NotEnoughResources - I think you get the gist... - Way2muchnoise, Hilburn
  • Thaumcraft NEI - C'mon. - DjGiannuzz
OpenBlocks This mod has no specific theme, but just to add blocks and items where vanilla is lacking them. OpenMods Team
Pam's HarvestCraft Adds many different types of food. MatrexsVigil
Portal Gun Just here.. IChun
Project Red A better way to control redstone power. MrTJP
Railcraft Implements trains into minecraft. CovertJaguar
Redstone Arsenal Adds multiple tools and weapons that utilize redstone flux. Team CoFH
RFTools A tech mod that's main feature is the ability to keep and maintain dimensions using RF power. McJty
Runic Dungeons Adds another dimension and a storyline to follow. MrComputerGhost
Springboards Adds springboards into the game that will launch you into the air. Galoubet
Steve's Factory Manager Implements a system to manage and move items inventories and machines.
  • Steve's Addons - Allows the copying and pasting of Manager code - Hilburn
  • Steve's Carts - Adds mobile vehicles - Vswe
  • Steves Workshop - Adds a production table that contains multiple modular crafting tables and / or furnaces - Vswe
Storage Drawers Allows you to store items in one block space in bulk amounts.
  • StorageDrawers[BiomesOPlenty] - Adds compatability for BiomesOPlenty woods - Jaquadro
  • StorageDrawers[Forestry] - Adds compatability for Forestry woods - Jaquadro
  • StorageDrawers[Misc] - Adds compatability for Misc woods - Jaquadro
  • StorageDrawers[Natura] - Adds compatability for Natura woods - Jaquadro
Tinkers Construct Adds and almost infinite amount of tools and weapons that come with many different types of modifiers.
  • ExtraTiC - Adds integration for Thermal Foundation - Glassmaker
  • Tic Tooltips - Adds relevent stats for all tools and tool parts - Squeek502
  • Tinkers' Mechworks - Adds many small mechanical tidbits - MDiyo
Thaumcraft A magic based mod that uses the magic and power from the world to execute astonishing acts.
  • Forbidden Magic - Adds a little 'darkness' to Thaumcraft - SpitefulFox
  • Thaumic Energistics - Adds a link between Thaumcraft and Applied Energistics - Nividica
  • Thaumic Exploration - Adds more items and blocks to the Thaumcraft experience - Flaxbeard, Nekosune
  • Thaumic Tinkerer - Adds multiple harder items to get into Thaumcraft - Pixelpix
Thermal Foundation Adds many ways to process and manipulate resources.
  • EnderTech - Mixes ender style machines with tech - DrayShak
  • Simply Jetpacks - Adds many different types of jetpacks to fly around with - Tonius11
  • Solar Expansion - Adds RF generating solar panels - Shad0wB1ade
  • Thermal Dynamics - Adds a transport system for energy - Team CoFH
  • Thermal Expansion - Adds multiple machines and ways to process ores - Team CoFH
Team CoFH
Translocator Adds short range compact item and liquid transport. Chicken Bones
Twilight Forest Adds another magical dimension. Benimatic
WAILA (What Am I Looking At) Adds tooltips for every item and block that indicates its corresponding mod among other information.
  • Waila Harvestability - Adds compatability to show the effective tool for each block - Squeek502
  • Wawla (What Are We Looking At - Expands upon Waila's compatability - Darkhax
Witchery Adds witchcraft related mechanics. Emoniph

Note APIs and Cores on which mods depend on have not been included as they mainly add code functionality and do not contribute to key points of gameplay.

Background Credit to BigBadChris, aka Chris Bloom: Website